About the project

The WOLFLIFE project (LIFE13NAT/RO/000205 – ,,Implementing best practices for the in-situ conservation of the species Canis lupus in the Eastern Carpathians”) is co-financed by the European Commission through the LIFE+ Nature programme and will be carried out between 01.07.2014 – 30.04.2018. The aim of the project is to maintain a viable population of wolves in the Carpathian Mountains by strengthening the management and promoting the human – wolf coexistence.

The project is implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency Vrancea, in partnership with ACDB (The Association for the Conservation of Biological Diversity), the Environmental Protection Agency Harghita and the Environmental Protection Agency Covasna. The targeted area of the project is located in the central and southern part of the Eastern Carpathians, spreading across 6 counties (Vrancea, Covasna, Harghita, Bacău, Neamţ, Mureş) and consisting of 18 Natura 2000 sites. See the map with the WOLFLIFE area.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • To improve the management of the species, by documenting, laying the groundwork and developing the participatory national action plan for wolf conservation;
  • To implement demonstrative preventive solutions for managing human – wolf conflicts by transferring best practices to stakeholder groups, mainly represented by farmers and hunters;
  • To prevent the wolf population decline by reducing mortality, limiting the competition with other species, reducing poaching and promoting habitat and protected areas connectivity;
  • To transfer to institutions, organizations and individuals involved in wolf management the best practices that are necessary to ensure peaceful co-existence and a balance between the conservation needs of the wolf and those related to the sustainable development of local communities;
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