Project Actions

Preparatory actions [A]

  • Evaluation of the conservation status of the wolf population in the project area, analysis applied management and development of the National Action Plan for the management of the wolf population in Romania.
  • Identification and evaluation of traditional farming systems to disseminate best practices necessary to reduce conflicts
  • Create an integrated GIS database to support and demonstrate conservation actions of the project
  • Analysis of the general public, hunters and breeders attitude regarding wolves.

Conservation actions [C]

  • Increasing reproductive success through the effective protection of wolf dens and rendezvous areas, and maintain minimum viable population of wolves in the project area through improving management of prey species which provides the basis trophic
  • Transferring the best practices on wolf population evaluation methods and improve the current method and management of wolves in the project area, by involving hunters and volunteers into monitoring action
  • Implement best practice and demonstration actions to reduce wolves-farmers conflicts, setting up a kennel of traditional dogs and long-term maintenance of the network owners of livestock guard dogs
  • Identification and promotion solutions to reduce habitat fragmentation by transport infrastructure
  • Reduce wolves health risks and competition on prey species by improving management of stray dogs
  • Improve the identification of the livestock damage caused by wolves

Monitoring actions [D]

  • Monitoring the impact of conservation actions of the project

Awareness actions [E]

  • Promoting the project objectives and results and installation of information boards in the project area
  • Implementat an educational and information campaign about wolf addressed to to the general public, hunters, animal breeders, students, teachers (promoting the concept of wolves conservation) and to the personnel administering natural areas overlapping the project areal
  • Development and dissemination of a documentary film “Wolves, from conflict to coexistence” and a monograph dedicated to wolves in Romania
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