International exchange with experts in large carnivores conservation


On 16-21 June 2015, the WOLFLIFE project team hosted an exchange experience with experts from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Austria, working in LIFE Nature SNOWOLF and DINALP BEAR projects. The collaboration, initiated by the finishing LIFEURSUS project and the starting WOLFLIFE project, targeted information exchange between projects on brown bear and wolf conservation.

The group consists of 14 experts from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Austria had a chance to assess the activities carried out within LIFEURSUS and WOLFLIFE projects, being presented solutions implemented by the project team to dens monitoring, sheepfolds protection, estimating populations of bear and wolf, monitoring by telemetry this two species of carnivores, awareness and solutions for local communities.

The cameras with motion sensors used in the WOLFLIFE project to monitor and assess the conservation status of wolves, occasionally,

Monitoring wildlife using cameras shows once again the cruel reality of the Carpathian forests. Poaching wild animals reached unsuspected strengths

ACDB, WOLFLIFE partner, made a report about the impact of the livestock guarding dogs and stray dogs on fauna. Information

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